Developing Multiple Intelligences-Based Thematic Comic Module

Alif Mudiono, Sa’dun Akbar, Arnelia Dwi Yasa, Denna Delawanti Chrisyarani


This research is aimed to develop multiple intelligences-based thematic comic module. This research used research and development approach Dick Carey and Carey model. The procedures of the module development are: (1) identifying learning objectives, (2) learning analysis, (3) students and context analysis, (4) formulating specific learning objectives, (5) developing assessment instrument, (6) developing learning strategy, (7) developing and choosing learning material, (8) designing and conducting learning formative evaluation, (9) revising learning material. This research has been conducted up to the seventh step that is developing and choosing learning material. The results of this step are: (1) student’s module design, (2) teacher’s guideline design. This student module entitled multiple intelligences-based thematic comic module with environment theme that consists of three sub-theme, they are: (1) family environment, (2) school environment), (3) society environment. The component consists of: opening (title, foreword, user guidelines, module part, character introduction, and content list), main part (concept map, news, and expectation box), and learning (material exploration, let’s practice, assignment, conclusion, independent test, module final test) and the final part (mini vocabulary, assessment guide, bibliography). Teachers’ guide consists of: (1) foreword, (2) teacher’s guidelines, (3) teacher’s role in using the module, (4) fifth grade SKL and KI, (5) multiple intelligences mapping, (6) content list, (7) first sub-theme mapping, (8) second sub-theme mapping, (9) third sub-theme mapping, (10) bibliography, (11) module final test, (12) key answers and scoring.

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DOI: 10.25037/pancaran.v6i4.111


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