Vocational High School Students Ability in Mathematics Literacy

Asih Ciptaningtyas, Mardiyana Mardiyana, Hasih Pratiwi


Mathematical literacy is a person's ability to formulate, apply, and interpret mathematics in various contexts. This study is a qualitative descriptive that aims to describe the ability of mathematics literacy of students in the subject of exponents and logarithms in Vocational High School. Data analysis is done by collecting data, reducing data, and verifying data. The results obtained in this study are subjects with values above the MEC can solve the problem by using information, performing representations based on concepts, using procedural knowledge in the form of algebraic manipulation in accordance with the nature of exponents and logarithms, and can connect it with the real world to determine the outcome of completion, according to level 4 PISA. Subjects with the same value as MEC can solve problems, interpret by using the properties of exponents and logarithms, and implement procedures according to the 3rd level of PISA. Subjects below the MEC can only solve commonly resolved problems using simple properties, corresponding to the PISA 1st level.

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DOI: 10.25037/pancaran.v7i1.143


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