The Modern Era of Mathematics Learning: Using Calculators in Classrooms, Why Not?

Bagas Riantono, L Fitriana, Mardiyana Mardiyana


Utilization of information and communication technology is needed to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of learning [1]. A calculator which can be found everywhere, has function as a device that performs arithmetic operations on numbers takes an important role in helping one complete a quick and precise calculation. However, the use of calculators in mathematics learning is still seen as an activity that can hinder the thinking ability of students in mastering a mathematical concept and even cause a dependency. The reality on the field shows that more than 80% of teachers in Salatiga never allow their students to use a calculator to solve a case involving a calculation. Based on the observations to 20 high-school students aged 16-19 years old, there are still more than 60% of students are still mistaken in solving real problems with the help of a calculator. In fact, from that 60% of the students mentioned earlier, it is obtained that more than 80% of them have understood the mathematical case appropriately. The author feels that there is a need for further discussion of that problem. This article will discuss the importance of using calculators as a useful calculation tool without reducing the students understanding of the mathematical case.

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DOI: 10.25037/pancaran.v7i1.152


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