Initiated Arabic Learning Model in the Institutions Of Formal Education

Abdul Haris


This article attempts to explain the failure of Arabic learning in formal education and offer an alternative solution. It can be done by policy makers of education in order to initiates the Arabic learning model which is more rational and makes the language character in common as a tool of analysis and barometer. The failure of formal education institution in the Arabic learning is more due to lack of clarity of vision to the position and significance of Arabic material. This is reflected from policy about the face to face learning frequency specified for Arabic materials are minimal, the qualification of Arabic teachers are more oriented to authority not appropriateness, and the preparation of textbook for Arabic material looks less appropriate. Besides, the position of Arabic material is not included in the material of national examination, so bi’ah Arabiyah cannot be full presented in formal education and it is contrast with the boarding education. The boarding is be able to presented Bi’ah Arabiyah, so that has been seen more be able to guide the students at the level of language skills which is intended. The Minister of Religion must learn at boarding education to reach the purpose of Arabic learning which has been determined, especially the policy of determination of language teacher, textbooks, and the creation Bi’ah Arabiyah, although using approach of "ma la yudraku kulluh la yutraku kulluh".This article is written using interviews, documenter and bibliography.

DOI: 10.25037/pancaran.v7i2.176


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